Narwal AWS Cloud Services

Unlock the full potential of cloud computing with Narwal’s tailored services, designed to seamlessly migrate your workloads to the AWS Cloud.

Our AWS Expertise

Introducing our business offer for migrating workloads to the AWS Cloud!

We are team of cloud experts, here to help your organization fully leverage the benefits of cloud computing by guiding you through cloud migration process, emphasizing accelerators, well-architected reviews, and a structured project approach with discovery and migration processes.

Our project begins with the discovery phase, in which we evaluate your current infrastructure, applications, and operational capabilities to identify potential areas for improvement, ensuring a smooth transition to the AWS Cloud. Discovery report will provide a clear roadmap and establish a solid foundation for the migration process. Once the roadmap is established, we will work closely with you to complete migration. Whenever needed, pilot phase can also be added.

Benefits for Our Clients

Discover the potential of migrating your workloads to AWS with our comprehensive business offer. Our team of cloud experts is dedicated to guiding your organization through a seamless cloud migration process, ensuring you leverage the full benefits of cloud computing.

Here's what our offer entails:

1. Expert Guidance
2. Accelerators Emphasis
3. Well-Architected Review
4. Structured Project Approach

Benefits for Our Clients

Cost Savings

Reduce or eliminate infrastructure costs, optimizing your budget for maximum efficiency.

Operational Resilience

Enhance performance by minimizing unplanned outages, ensuring a reliable and resilient operation.

Staff Productivity

Free up your teams to focus on high-value activities, driving innovation and business growth.

Business Agility

Accelerate time to market and streamline new feature deployment, giving your business a competitive edge.

Our Approach

1. Discovery

2-3 Weeks

  • Understand current State
  • Identify customer pain points. Compliance, usage patterns
  • Finalized the problem to solve
  • Define Desired Outcomes
  • Present Discovery Report With recommendation.

2. Define/Design

2-3 Weeks

  • Scope Planning
  • Define Milestones & Timelines
  • Define Migration Strategy
  • Define AWS Services
  • Setup Infrastructure Access for Team
  • Sign-off on Design

3. Implement

2-3 Weeks

  • AWS Resource setup
  • Setup Required Services Migration Services
  • AWS connection with house Data
  • Hull Load for History Data
  • Setup pipeline for on-going Systems
  • Testing & Data Quality Checks

4. Cut-Over

2-3 Weeks

  • Run Both Systems in Parallel
  • Cut-over for upstream system to move the data in Cloud Database
  • Cut-over for downstream systems to send the data from new cloud database
  • Hypercare


Certified Professionals worked across domains including payments, financial services, manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance.

Migration Approach

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